Unequal distribution of wealth

وطن کی باتیں… جرمنی سے
20 اگست 2017
Altaf Hussain
Goettingen, Germany

Unequal distribution of wealth

God neither likes poverty nor it has been created by Him. If it is so,Allah does not repeatedly order to help the poor ,helpless and the needy ones. Poverty in fact is unjust distribution of wealth and resources. The more unequal distribution would be in a society, there would be more poverty. The major reason of poverty in dear country Pakistan is the same.The corrupt rulers have usurped the sources of the country and they are leading the life of luxuries and the poor public is grinding in the ground of poverty. Unless someone empower these corrupt culprits and there would not be equal distribution of wealth,poverty would not be eliminated from the country.


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